IDEAS Gene/cCRE Pairs Filtering

This is a tool for selecting candidate Cis-Regulatory Elements (cCRE) predicted for genes in hematopoetic cell types.
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Required selections:
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Straight-forward Filters:
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Filters on which we recommend a lower limit: (can be refined post-filter)
Correlation score greater than or equal to (suggested 0.2):
Number of times selected during IDEAS leave-one-out regression (suggested 1):

Filters for specific cells/epigenetic states/interaction frequency of gene/cCRE pairs: (can be refined post-filter)
Cell-type with non-0 (non-quiescent) IDEAS states:
Epigenetic state predicted by IDEAS:
eRP score by cell type:
cCRE location relative to gene:
Only pairs within OnTAD level: (An et al. 2019, bioRxiv)

Filters for compartments: (based on G1E-ER4 cell Hi-C, calculated with Cscoretool)
Compartment for cCRE:
Compartment for gene:
cCRE and gene are in the same predicted contiguous compartment with no change in compartment between them (enriched for proximal cCREs):

Filters to examine broad locations or gene expression types: (can be refined post-filter)
Gene group associated with pair:
Locate gene TSS between:
Locate cCRE between:

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